Examples of exam questions for master plumber

The plumber master exam is a group of tests that test a plumber’s knowledge of state and federal regulations and plumbing codes. Passing the exam gives the plumber the title of “Master Plumber”, which is a requirement in some companies. The master plumbers also generally earn more than those with only a certification officer plumber. … [Read more…]

Shower and spa leaks

For possible shower and bathtub leaks, it is suggested to start the investigation in the drainage and checking the wall. Lift the drain rack and check if the drain on the floor is loose. Sometimes the plumber’s putty, with which the underside of the top of the drain attaches to the shower tray (or tub), … [Read more…]

Sink leaks

Wherever there is a connection in the pipeline there may be a leak. Clean the tube, then use a dry paper towel or absorbent fabric to check for moisture in the tube. The shut-off valve is often the culprit without being noticed. “A small drip can occur. However, the shut-off valve has a nut that … [Read more…]

Toilet area leaks

Tanks may crack and the screws may rust. Look for a faulty washer between the tank and the bowl if there is water leaking around the toilet. The closing connections of the power supply line and toilet must be dry. If not, check for loose supply line or rusty shut-off valve. Check for water around … [Read more…]