How to repair a leaking outside faucet

The taps of foreign dripping are a cause of receipts for water expensive, as well as a source of other problems. The water deposited not only attracts insects, but can also filter into the foundations. Although it is sometimes a more complex problem that causes leakage, most faucet leaks can be repaired without having to pay for expensive service provided by a plumber.


  1. Put your supplies together. It is good to have a small box or tray on hand to avoid losing the tools on the lawn. Close the main water passage inside the house before starting.
  2. Remove the handle. Loosen the center screw with the screwdriver. Put the screw in the box to prevent it from being lost. The handle should be removable easily.
  3. Remove the gland from the bottom of the handle. Turn it counterclockwise. It may be necessary to move the stem a bit to remove it.
  4. Remove the stem. It looks like a long rod that has a washer on the end. Remove the washer and replace it with a new one.
  5. Grease the end of the stem with a little Vaseline or grease for taps. Reinstall stem, gland and handle. Now it should work fine.

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