Plumbing in the winter can be very problematic. For those of us who have just bought our first home, or perhaps just moved to a region of the country that is very cold in winter, we may have little or no idea what to do with our tubes and pipes for the winter. The following is an overview of some of the things you can do to protect your pipes this winter and avoid the exorbitant repair costs associated with winter plumbing problems.

Kitchen and Bath Sinks – kitchen and bathroom sinks some are often placed with tubes near an outside, uninsulated and exposed the house, as the outer wall of the structure. These pipes and fittings may be the first to freeze in the winter. A great, simple suggestion to prevent these types of accidents is to simply leave the doors under the opening of the sink in this way, the warm air inside your house will work to keep the tubes at a safe temperature.

Pipes for – For kitchen sink pipes or pipe exposed directly, you can also isolate. If you want to grope a do-it-yourself solution, use electric heating tape to wrap and then cover them with some type of foam insulation. If you are not sure of the process, consulting with a licensed professional plumber to take care of this for you is always a good idea.

Exterior carpentry – A professional plumber can call Sill-cocks, but most of us just call them good or ‘ “taps” or “pins”. These external elements are often left untreated and filled with water during the winter, which leads to large (and expensive) problems in a home. Make sure you have drained all the water from these external water elements before the winter months arrive, and also consider the covers with the insulation. Again, a licensed plumber can do it quickly and correctly, so consider communicating one if you are at all interested in doing things right.

Water Stop – External elements also need the water is sent to them from inside the house out. If you have a holiday home or second home that you are vacating for the winter, be sure to turn off the entire water supply and evacuate the entire system. Leaks and pipes are frozen in an empty house are the fastest way to ratchet repair costs in the home.

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