What is the hourly wage of a US plumber?

Plumbers get work in domestic and commercial installations in bathrooms, kitchens, heating systems based boiler and any other system that involves water or other liquids. Along with carpenters and electricians, plumbers provide one of the basic operations needed in building new structures, maintaining and renovating old structures.


According to the US Department of Employment Most plumbers earn between $ 16 and $ 30 per hour, apprentices earn less, and more experienced plumbers earn more. Often, plumbers who work for established companies receive benefits such as medical insurance and paid vacations, in addition to their wages.


Plumbing is a basic process in the construction sector and that is why it provides very stable employment to plumbers who do their job well. While commercial employment may be susceptible to ups and downs in the new housing market, it is more reliable than races offering luxuries like pools. Plumbing is seen as a necessity by most people and as such is included in all new constructions, so the employment prospects of a good plumber are usually promising. Plumbers can also save money on building or renovating their homes by doing the work themselves.


Plumbers install pipes, fixed bathroom elements, sinks, showers and showers in new buildings. They also work in collaboration with heating companies to install boilers and heat circulation pipes. Plumbers work with copper, plastic and rubber tube and should be experts in welding, plastic tube and installation of fixed articles. When renovating or repairing non-new homes, plumbers can repair fixed articles and pipes, remove old pipes and replace them with new ones, or extend piping systems to new building rooms or additions. Some plumbers provide emergency services such as covered toilets or broken pipes.


Some types of plumbing may involve extended periods of work in difficult positions. For people who have chronic back problems it can be uncomfortable to get up and bend your back. Plumbing work can be repetitive, especially when working on large projects such as construction or apartment development, so people who like different things can be discouraged. Although the salary is good, particularly for experienced plumbers, there is not much opportunity to reach a management position.

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